Independent Adhesives & Coatings business is based on

"Solutions, Service & Systems for your Industry"

This Includes:

  • Products & Process Development
  • Toll Production
  • Full Line Production & Supply of Adhesives &
  • Product Picture
In 2001 when Independent Adhesive Systems was founded,
many potential clients were asking us to develop new
products, technologies and processes to fit their needs. It
seemed certain companies in our industry had walked away
from servicing the needs of the customer and they were
looking for the sincere commitment from a supplier to change
with them as their needs change. We all know parameters are
changing constantly in bonding technologies and the
substrates utilized. Independent Adhesives & Coatings is
filling these needs of our clients through personal attention to
detail and by developing our business relationships through

The markets served through our hot melt and water based
adhesives and coatings include:

Paper Converting
Book Binding
Flexible Packaging
Sanitary Bonding
Medical Devices
Automotive Assembly
Construction Assembly

We also successfully market our Research & Development
Services to other adhesive and coatings producers as well as
end-users under confidential agreements. This helps us
widen our knowledge through the raw material markets by
developing alternative suppliers of raws or finished goods for
our clients.

Our asset is our knowledge and we continue to strive and
find alternative answers to questions in our industry that
include substrate bonding, manufacturing efficiencies and
environmental concerns.

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