Company Profile

Independent Adhesives & Coatings, LLC was incorporated in March 2003. Our
headquarters, research and development, warehousing and pilot plant are located
in Kansas City, Missouri. Bulk manufacturing and warehousing are located in
Memphis Tennessee, Bridgeton New Jersey and Sacramento California. Future
expansions targeted for 2006 in Kansas City will allow us to manufacturer
waterbased adhesives in bulk quantities in Kansas City.

We not only produce and supply our full line of hot melt and waterbased adhesives;
we consult for end users as well as other manufacturers under confidential
agreements. This includes developing new bonding technologies as well as
manufacturing processes.

Manufacturing Capabilities

Kansas City Pilot Plant:                         5,000 lbs/day of Waterbased Adhesive Open
                                                     3,000 lbs/day of Hot Melt Adhesive Open

Memphis Manufacturing Plant            40-80,000 lbs/day Waterbased Open 1 Shift
                                                     40,000 lbs/day Hot melt Open 1.5 shifts

Bridgeton Manufacturing Plant           40,000 lbs/day of Waterbased 1.5 shifts
                                                     40,000 lbs/day of Hot Melt 1.5 shifts

Sacramento Manufacturing Plant      40,000 lbs/day of Waterbased 1.5 shifts

Current Product Mix

  • Waterbased synthetic resin emulations
  • Acylic Blends
  • Starch &Dextrin based blends
  • Cohesive blends
  • EVA blends
  • Rubber based blends
  • Amphous blends

Laboratory Capabilites

  • IR Scan
  • Viscosity
  • Solids
  • Tack Testing
  • Environmental Chamber Testing
  • Tensile, Shear, Peel, and Load Testing
  • Formulating
  • Pilot Plant manufacturing

Quality Control Standard Measures   

  • Certificate of Analysis (COA) for the Batch of raws are supplied to us by
  • Batch Production Process is generated for product
  • Raws are staged for each batch by two (2) individuals. One for staging and
    one for verifying before production
  • Batch Production Process is followed and verified through documentation
  • Retains are tested before the batch is pulled, after 10% is pulled and after
    90% is pulled with results documented. Viscosity, Solids, PH  and Dispersion
    are verified
  • Production Supervisor or lead superintendent signs off batch.
  • Lab generates COA for our customer               
Independent Adhesive Systems
Independent Adhesive Systems
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